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  • E-commerce Development - As the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes our world, more consumers have begun shopping online in greater numbers and frequency, and nearly half of all American small businesses don't own a website! We can help your business take advantage of growing trends and gain an edge over your competitors with an e-commerce solution of your own!
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software - CRMs increase sales, improve customer retention, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and get results. We can help your business define a strategy to take advantage of this tool in your workplace and increase your bottom line.
  • Website Development - Today's websites are highly functional. People do more, and expect to do more. Is your website doing more? Find out how it can!
  • Marketing Software - Marketing can be expensive, but most companies overspend with too few results. Don't let this happen to you! Let digital products do the heavy lifting. BOT can show you how.
  • Custom Software Integration - Do you have several stand-alone programs that can't communicate with each other? Do you have several office departments with different software and no way to connect them for collaboration? Does your website connect to your administrative programs? Custom integration reduces human error, increases efficiency, allows for collaboration and so much more!
  • Database Solutions - are you aware of your business information? If not, you may be running a business that isn't even healthy. Database solutions are vital to communicate the ongoing performance of a business.
  • Design Services - Whether you're looking for a spectacular new logo or some stunning flyers, the talent at BOT can make it happen.
  • Support Services - Support services are crucial to a healthy business. Have you ever seen's homepage look the same way twice? How about Can your website do that? And how are your business revenues in comparison? The amount of energy and effort you expend is what you can expect in returns. The evidence is before you. Let BOT help you get a great return on your investment!

Soldiers Angels

One of the ways we say thanks...


   BOT programmer, Holly Aho, a resident of Jordan, MN has written an inspiring story, filled with her personal observations and experiences. She intersperses it with letters and comments from soldiers and from other military personnel whom have been befriended and touched by the volunteer organization Soldiers Angels. It also documents the kindness and generosity of the folks back home, who also willingly donate gifts to this fine mission. Her book, written in the first person, is a labor of love for her chosen volunteer work, and her dedication to the organization and its goals is reflected in every page.

"From Here to There" is not fiction, and it is not a novel. It is nonfiction, written about real events and real military heroes of today. It is written as a journal or a diary with several vignettes, and like The Diary of Anne Frank from World War II, it could be the inspiration for a play or a movie. It could also be serialized and appear in military magazines or other magazines dealing with the efforts that our unsung military personnel heroes are involved in on a daily basis. It would make an inspiring recruitment story for Soldiers Angels and other support groups for our military personnel.


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