Driving your company's bottom line

What drives your company's bottom line? What action do you need customers/clients to take in order to increase revenue, drive up sales and increase profitability? Answers to these questions are called Calls to Action and are key to a successful website and profitable business.

Here are some examples of Calls to Action:

  • Buy a product
  • Newsletter signup
  • Create an account
  • Read the rest of an article
  • Share something on social media
  • Search

Twenty years ago websites were nothing more than brochures about a company. Creating a business website meant explaining what you did and who you were. NO LONGER. Today's websites are functional. Successful businesses have grabbed hold of this functionality and with calls to action have grown to extreme sizes. Let's look at some examples:


Google's home page is little more than a call to action to search, with a tiny "About" link in the upper left in case you're curious to know anything about Google as a business. Have you EVER clicked that link? Do you know anyone, ever, who has? Because, really, who cares. Google doesn't care. You knowing about them doesn't make them any money. You SEARCHING makes them money, and that's what matters.


YouTube's home page also tells you nothing about YouTube, the company. It's a call to action - watch a video! To find out about YouTube the company requires a lot of searching around the page for a link, because customers knowing about them doesn't make them profitable. Customers uploading, searching for, and watching vidoes DOES.

What makes your company profitable?

 BOT will develop a website for your business that does more, because your customers expect more. With proven strategies that work BOT will help your company create effect calls to action and get your website to work for you.

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