SaaS – The Cloud Solution; Why You Want It

At Bot Consulting LLC we can recommend an SaaS solution that best fits your needs, implement it, customize it, integrate it with your other systems, help with user adoption and oversee the results. Read on to see how this will save you money and strengthen your organization!

What is “SaaS as a cloud solution” and why do you want it? Simply put it saves you time and money (probably a lot). Think of cloud computing as the transition from owning and maintaining a personal library of physical books to using a public library. We’ll get to the SaaS aspect in a minute.

In the past, if you wanted access to a variety of books, you needed to buy and store them in your personal library. This was similar to traditional computing, where you would own and maintain your own hardware and software.

Now, consider cloud computing as the evolution of this model. Cloud computing is like having access to a vast, shared library where books are stored and managed centrally. You no longer need to buy and own the books or worry about maintaining them. Instead, you can go to the library and borrow as many books as you want whenever you need them. This is akin to accessing computing resources on-demand through the cloud without the burden of owning and managing physical servers.

A computer server is a device that manages & serves data to you just like your phone or laptop, except it serves many people instead of one. Think of it like a chef at a restaurant serving many people instead of you at home serving only yourself.

How does a person access a resource on-demand from a cloud? The most common method is by opening an internet browser and visiting a website. What you are seeing is visual data. Data is a resource. When you login to specific websites you are gaining access to areas where access is restricted, to be seen by you and anyone with the correct privileges.

Why does this solution save you time and money? Well, first of all, you didn’t have to buy a library of books (per our analogy) or rather buy any IT resources in our list below.

  • Servers
  • Software that runs on a server
    • Apps, Microsoft products (Word, Excel…), Google, Windows, etc
  • Skilled people who service a server
  • Skilled people who update software

Also, since all of the people in that list of IT resources are doing their jobs well, you won’t lose any work, time or money due to crisis like server crashes and down time, data loss, software failure, and outdated software. You also don’t have to pay these people to do their jobs!

From 2006 – 2010 I was the IT Manager for the nonprofit Soldier’s Angels. Broad adoption of cloud computing and SaaS didn’t happen until 2010, so we did not use it at that time. We had our own server. It was my job to make sure it was running smoothly, 24 hours a day. As it was an international nonprofit, I did receive emergency phone calls at all hours of the day. It could be exhausting. That server needed frequent care. I was the server care giver. If the server had a problem the website did too, and perhaps all the volunteers, donors and clients as well. I was the software writer, bug fixer, updater, security checker, customer support person, any time of day. The server was expensive. I was expensive.

What exactly is SaaS? SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Software is a product and Software as a Service is software that you pay a subscription for monthly. I am going to explain, as a coder, why this is a very good thing for you.

What do you get in return for your monthly subscription fee which is often called a license? You get:

  • Access to the software
  • Regular software updates
  • Automatic data storage and backup
  • Accessible almost anywhere in the world to all team members
  • Security and encryption
  • Customer support
  • Predictable cost
  • Customization
  • Integration

Is there an SaaS suitable for your organization? I’m certain of it. Excited? Me too!

At Bot Consulting LLC we can recommend an SaaS solution that best fits your needs, implement it, customize it, integrate it with your other systems, help with user adoption and oversee the results.

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